xzK7x3ZKPWbJjlpwiL02pqUcT-pBO50clMXUp34PKmk  A special program for our littlest dancers, with classes for ages 2yrs, 3yrs and 4yrs.

Teachers are qualified, caring and patient individuals who display an obvious joy in their work. They create a positive and trusting atmosphere in the class, and find balance between structured learning and free exploration.

Creative movement exercises encourage young minds to explore their space in new ways and develop dexterity and balance. Musicality and rhythms are explored, and props such as ribbons, wands and fairy wings are introduced to spark imaginations. The program is suitable for boys too… pirate hats and bumblebee wings are the perfect pairing for the wands and fairy wings!

Beginner fundamentals of ballet, jazz, acro, hip hop and tap technique are introduced to give dancers an excellent foundation on which to continue their training in, and love of, dance. For Discover Dance 2, 3 &4 ballet and jazz are the focus.

Ideas of teamwork, sportsmanship and respect for fellow dancers and teachers are instilled as dancers work together to learn and rehearse choreography for the year end recital.

The studio room is for dancers and their teacher only. Parents are able to view the classes through the ample windows, always remaining in sight to keep dancers comfortable and encouraged. Please note that not all programs are offered in all sessions, and prices may vary depending on number of weeks of class during a particular session.

2018-19 Program Fees

Discover Dance 2 & Discover Hip Hopddkids
30-min classes held in two sessions per year, Sept-Dec and Feb-June. Session 2 dancers will take part in the studio’s annual year end June recital. Average tuition is $185 per session includes costume.

Discover Dance 3
30-min Classes: $27.90*

Discover Dance 4
45-min Classes: $38.65*

Discover Tap
30-min Classes: $27.90 *

Discover Acro
30-min Classes: $27.90

* Fees for  DD3, DD4, DDtap, DDacro  include 30 classes and are paid in 10 equal monthly instalments running September to June. GST is included. Registration fee, first and last months’ payment is required to complete your registration.


Dress Code

General for all — Hair should always be in a ponytail or bun, or headband off the face. No personal jewellery.

DD2-4 —  Body suit and tights (any style, any colour, although the preference is pink), skirts or tutus are encouraged providing they are not a distraction, and legwarmers and sweaters can be worn during warm up.  Tap shoes are provided. Pink ballet shoes are best, gymnastic slippers are ok.

DDtap — leggings or shorts with tshirt or tank top. Bodysuit and skirt or shorts is fine if the dancer prefers. Black oxford adjustable tap shoes are preferred but  patent style rivet ones are ok for beginners.

DDhip hop — sweatpants, tshirt and clean runners.

DDacro — bodysuit and dance shorts or leggings, unitard. Barefeet, hair must be back.

Costumes For DD

Care is taken to ensure the costumes selected for the class are good quality, always age appropriate and flattering to all body types in the class. For DD4, DDTap and DDHip Hop  a non-refundable $50 deposit is due October 15th. Balance of approximately $25-$35 is due when the costume is received in the spring.

Optional Costs

Optional costs include costume alterations, class photos, show DVD, show tickets.


Dance should be an exciting and positive experience, if for whatever reason your child is not enjoying the class you can withdraw at any time with written notice. For DD 4, once a month has started, that month fee’s apply and will not be refunded. Registration fee and costume deposits are not refundable. Prepaid June fee is refundable only until Dec 31st. For term programs like DD2 credit to account can be received up to the 3rd class only.

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