Class Description:

  • This class is open to children with exceptionalities such as those with Autism, Giftedness, Down Syndrome, etc. as well as differently abled children such as those in wheelchairs, those who use walkers, or those with affected mobility.
  • This class will focus on creating a mind-body connection through movements that are rooted in styles of dance such as ballet, jazz, contemporary and more.
  • This class will be structured around the students and their capabilities, and will present many different options for many different ways to dance!
  • There are multiple accommodations that can be made for each child, everyone is welcome, it is a safe space where we can build a community of amazing children!
  • This class will present opportunities for students to explore movement in ways that are comfortable for them, while helping them step a bit outside of their comfort zone.

Dress Code:

  • Hair should be tied back and kept out of the face.
  • No jewelry, no jeans, no dresses, no skirts, no socks.
  • Black dance shorts or black leggings.
  • Black tank tops, black shirts or black bodysuits.
  • If any of the specifications above present a sensory issue for your child, please talk to me and we can work something out!