The Creative Outlet is home to the Footsteps Dance Program, offering a variety of program options that will suit every family budget and schedule. Choose recreational classes in the 10 month dance program and perform as part of our year end recital… or dabble in different styles with our Little Steps workshop series that run 6 week sessions in the fall, winter, spring and summer.

The Creative Outlet is proud to follow the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) ballet program. Students study a set curriculum under the guidance of certified RAD Ballet teachers, and can undertake exams to gauge their development. The ballet program does not compete, but the class does include choreography and participates in the year end recital.

Dancers wanting more intensified training can audition to be part of the CO Dance Team. Competition starts at age 5yrs with the Mini Development Program. Once dancers are 7yr they have the options of the full or demi-competitive level of the dance team. Competition dance is just an option, dancers can continue to grow and learn in the recreational program too!

Classes are for dancers 2year to adults, boys and girls.

Dance Styles

RAD or Open Ballet
Ballet training program that follows strict guidelines and syllabus as set out by the Royal Academy of Dance, London, England Dancers study in class twice a week under certified RAD teachers and may be recommended for annual graded exams. Syllabus includes Classical, Free Movement and Character work. More information is available in a separate RAD pamphlet.

A unique blending of jazz and ballet with acrobatics and gymnastics. In addition to dance turns, leaps and kicks, dancers also learn and incorporate somersaults, back arches, walkovers and more into their routines.

Discover Dance
An introductory dance program for our 2yr, 3yr and 4yr old dancers. Little feet, bodies and minds are introduced to movement and rhythm and the most basic elements of ballet, jazz and tap through imagination and music. Classes learn choreography and perform on stage as part of the year-end recital.

A technical form of dance characterized by jumps, kicks, leaps and turns. Often a fast-paced song with high energy choreography.

When your feet make the music. Rhythm and timing is especially important. Taps on the heels and toes are used in various combinations and ways on the floor to create sounds and rhythms.

Faster than ballet, slower than jazz. A smooth flowing dance with grace and emotion. Typically, movements are used to interpret a song’s lyrics.

Musical Theatre or Stage
Usually a jazz-style dance routine, but with lip-syncing or definite characterization from the dancers. Often songs from Broadway musicals.

Required as standard training for all competitive dance team members. No routine is performed at the recital. Concentration is on developing and strengthening flexibility and technical ability.

An element of hip hop dance said to have originated from New York during the early 70’s, breakdance is always evolving. B-boys and b-girls use toprock, uprock, footwork and power moves like freezes and stalls to create new and exciting moves and develop their style, sometimes influenced by acro, martial arts and gymnastics.

Hip Hop
Born in the streets of New York. Characterized by moves that accentuate the beat of the music. May sub-forms have developed, including break dancing, popping, locking, etc.

An expressive form of ballet where the dancer is free from “restrictions” of classical ballet and able to use more movement to express thoughts and ideas. Dancers move with the music, rather than with the lyrics as  in lyrical.

Dress Code

Dress code for all competitive level dancers is mandatory. Hair must always be up. Bodysuit for ballet; unitard or bodysuit with dance shorts for acro; sweatpants and runners for hip hop; tight fitting clothing for all other classes. No bare mid-rifs, no socked feet. Refer to parent handbook for more information.

For the 2023/34 season we are offering;


3-4 years

Dance 3yr                            Tues 10.45-11.15am (Miss Libby)

Dance 3yr                            Wed 9.30-10am (Miss Kara)

Dance 3yr                            Thurs 9.30-10am (Miss Kara)

Dance 3yr                            Sat 9-9.30am

Dance 4yr                            Mon 5.15-5.45pm (Miss Rylie)

Dance 4yr                            Tues 9.30-10.15am (Miss Libby)

Dance 4yr                            Wed 4.45-5.15pm (Miss Kara)

Dance 4yr                            Wed 10.30-11.15am (Miss Kara)

Dance 4yr                            Sat 10-10.45am

Dance 4yr                            Thurs 10.30-11.15am (Miss Kara)

Dance 3-4yr                       Wed 11.30-12.15pm (Miss Libby)

Dance 3-4yr                       Sat 11.30-12.15pm

Acro 3-4yr                           Wed 10.45-11.30am (Miss Libby)

Acro 3-4yr                           Tues 10.15-10.45am (Miss Libby)

Acro 3-4yr                           Sat 10.45-11.30am

Tap 3-4yr                             Wed 10-10.30am (Miss Kara)

Tap 3-4yr                             Thurs 10-10.30am (Miss Kara)

Tap 3-4yr                             Sat 9.30-10.00am



Hip hop 5-7yr                     Mon 3.00-3.30pm

Jazz 5-7yr                            Mon 3.30-4.15pm

Acro 5-6yrs                         Wed 3.15-4pm

Tap 5-6yr                             Wed 4-4.45pm

Acro 5-7yr                           Fri 5.15-6pm

Hip hop 5-7yr                    Sat 9.15-10am

Acro 5-7yr                           Sat 10-10.45am

Jazz 5-7yr                            Sat 10.45-11.30am

Tap 5-7yr                             Sat 12.15-1pm

Ballet 5-6yrs                       Wed 3.15-4pm

Ballet 5-7yr                         Sat 11.30-12.15pm

Ballet 5-7yr                         Thurs 5.00-5.45pm

Ballet 5-7yr                         Fri 3.30-4.00pm


Lyrical 7-9yr                        Mon 4.30-5.15pm

Jazz 7-9yr                            Mon 5.45-6.30pm

Tap 7-9yr                             Mon 6.30-7.15pm

Jazz 7-9yr                            Wed 4.45-5.30pm

Acro 7yr+                             Wed 4-4.45pm

Ballet 7-9yr                         Wed 4-4.45pm


Jazz/lyrical 8yr+                 Sat 1-1.45pm

Hip hop 8-11yr                  Tues 6-6.45pm

Tap 10yrs+                           Tues 7.00-7.45pm

Lyrical 12yrs+                     Tues 7.45-8.30pm

Hip hop 12yrs+                  Wed 8-8.45pm

Ballet 10yr+                        Wed 4.45-5.45

RAD ballet program

Pre-primary (5yrs)           Fri 3.30-4pm

Primary (6yrs)                   Thurs 5-5.45pm

Grade 1 (7-8yrs)               Thurs 4-5pm

Grade 1 (7-8yrs)               Fri 4-5pm

Grade 2 (8-9yrs)               Mon 430-530 & Wed 6-7pm

Grade 3 (9-10yrs)             Mon 3.30-430 & Wed7-8pm

Grade 4 (10-12yrs)          Thurs 5.45-6.45 & Fri 6.15-7.15pm

Grade 6 (12yrs+)              Wed 5-6pm

Inter Found (12yrs+)       Mon 8-9 & Wed 8.15-9.15

Advanced (12yrs+)          Mon 6.30-7.30 & Wed 4-5pm