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Season 2023/24 Begins: Saturday Sept 9, 2023

CO 2023/24 fees;

Dance fees are based on the total hours taken, and are based on 30 classes over 10months (you pay the same in December when there are less classes due to the holiday break, as you do in November when there is one extra week) and INCLUDE GST. There are discounts built into this fee structure for multiple classes, and further discounts for family members available.

6 week classes $65
30min $36.00
45min $45.50
1hr $55.00
1hr15min $68.75
1hr30min $82.50
1hr45min $96.25
2hr $110.00
2hr15min $123.75
2hr30min $137.50
2hr45min $151.25
3hrs $165.00
3hr15min $178.75
3hr30min $192.50
3hr45min $206.25
4hr $209.00 (discount applied)
4hr15min $222.06
4hr30min $235.13
4hr45min $248.19
5hr $261.25
5hr15min $274.31
5hr30min $287.38
5hr45min $300.44
6hr $313.50
6hr15min $326.56
6hr30min $339.63
6hr45min $352.69
7hr $345

unlimited individual $345 (must be competitive)
unlimited 2 siblings $500 (must be both competitive)

2023/2024 Registration fee is $45 individual, $50 for a family

Monthly tuition can be paid by automatic credit card charge, Debit or etransfer. Direct billing to home-school organizations is possible.

Costume downpayment and registration fees are not refundable.

Costume downpayments are $50 per class, with any remaining balance due when you receive the costume in the spring. This is to be worn for the year end recital, and yours to keep afterward. Our budget for costumes for recreational programs is $65-80. For competitive, prices can be slighter higher. Costumes are always age-appropriate and suitable for all body types in the class.


RAD Ballet Program dress code, as of June 16, 2023

ALL GRADES: ballet bun (crocheted hairnets are ok for class), headband to hold bangs back for class is ok. No shorts or skirts. Undergarments should not be worn. If needed, must be beige or black to match bodysuit, no visible straps. Wraps, sweaters and shrugs permitted in black only, and during warm up only. Primary skirts, character shoes, skirts and props will be provided. No personal jewelry. For your convenience, bodysuits, ballet tights and slippers can be purchased from the studio.

**All bodysuits for Grade 1 to 6 are tank style NAVY. Vocational levels tank style BLACK **

PRIMARY, GRADE 1 to GRADE 6 –>  NAVY tank style pinch front bodysuit, ballet pink convertible ballet tights, ballet pink split sole canvas ballet slippers

INTERMEDIATE FOUNDATION    Black bodysuit, ballet pink tights and canvas slippers.

INTERMEDIATE    Black bodysuit, ballet pink tights and canvas slippers.

ADVANCED     Black bodysuit, ballet pink tights and canvas slippers.

POINTE/INTRO POINTE    Regular ballet attire, Pointe shoes with ribbons and elastics securely sewn.

PREPOINTE    Regular ballet attire, including footwear

BOYS    tight fitted white t-shirt, black leggings

General Dance Dress Code, as of June 16, 2023

GENERAL FOR ALL CLASSES: Long hair must be tied back, if short, use a headband to keep bangs off face.  No personal jewelry.  No socked feet. No jeans, dresses or skirts. No bra tops.

DEMI COMP & COMP CHOREO CLASSES Team members must wear black dance shorts or leggings and black tank top. Hair back. Acro choreo, acro tech, PBT, stretch and tumbling must have unitard or bodysuit and dance shorts. Tap & hip hop tech needs appropriate athletic dancewear,

OPEN BALLET all ages open ballet: any style BLACK bodysuit, pink ballet tights, pink ballet slippers (no gymnastic slippers). Sheer ballet skirts ok, no tutus please.

DISCOVER DANCE 2-4    ballet bodysuit, ballet tights and ballet slippers (NO GYMNASTIC SLIPPERS). Skirts or tutus are fine, we would prefer them attached to the bodysuit.
DISCOVER DANCE TAP    Leggings or dance shorts with t-shirt or tank top. Bodysuit is acceptable. Tap shoes (oxford style preferred)
DISCOVER DANCE HIP HOP    Sweatpants or leggings, tshirt and clean runners

DISCOVER BOYS (BOUNCE)    tight fitted t-shirt, black bike shorts or black pants, barefeet

HIP HOP & BREAKDANCE    Sweatpants, leggings or shorts,  tshirt and clean runners

TAP    Any comfortable pants, tshirt and tap shoes. Recreational: Oxford style with adjustable taps are preferred. Team: Oxford style shoe with adjustable taps (no split soles)

STAGE    leggings or dance shorts, fitted top, barefeet

JAZZ     leggings or dance shorts, fitted top. Barefeet

LYRICAL    leggings or dance shorts, fitted top, barefeet

CONTEMPORARY    leggings or dance shorts, fitted top, barefeet

ACRO    unitard or bodysuit with dance shorts, barefeet